About US

Company founded in 1995, specializes in oil field logging-while-drilling (LWD), measurement while drilling (MWD), wireline, drill-store logging and geo-steering drilling directional sensors (posture sensor Assembly) research, development and production. Company has accumulated rich experience in this field, our products are applied to China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), Sinopec Group (SINOPEC) and China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL) under the major oil fields. The company has also developed a series of products used in coal mine logging ZXC8 wireless borehole inclinometer and a leveling north seeking instrument with the function of measuring weak magnetic field intensity.Our company also manufactures directional sensor designed for a variety of commissioning and calibration of inclinometer calibration device.

High precision directional sensors

High precision directional sensorsDirectional sensors manufactured by our company provide measurements for the borehole direction and angle using Tri-axial Flux Gate Magnetometers and Tri-axial accelerometers. Sensors are divide into two major categories with analog and digital signal output. Analog signals are processed and transmitted to the ground computer to calculate the well bore (DEV, AZIM, RB, AZ etc).Digital signal output orientation sensor also provides the system with acceleration of gravity and magnetic field strength and the probe internal temperature information, And single-chip microcomputer based on the signals calculate gesture information instrument: Inclination (DEV), oblique Azimuthal (DAZ), high-side tool face angle (RB), magnetic tool face angle (AZ), total gravity (GRAV), the total magnetic field (MAG), the magnetic inclination (DA) and temperature information.Transmission formats use serial transmission, transmission modes are single-precision floating point numbers, and are transmitted in ASCII code, hexadecimal and binary formats which can be opted per client need.Our company also provide customer specific customizations of orientation sensors.