HT-311 Fluxgate magnetometer


HT-311 Fluxgate magnetometer is based on the original SS-II leveling north finder based on the latest development of a special test equipment. The instrument not only has the function of leveling north seeking, but also can satisfy the user to monitor the fast moving magnetic field and measure the magnetic field around the environment. The instrument has the advantages of portability, high stability, high linearity and high precision. According to the requirements, the user can choose one or three dimensional magnetic field measurement configuration.


Voltage, temperature display, Gauss or Tesla switch display
LCD digital display screen
Measurement data refresh frequency 120 times /M
Magnetic field correction function
RS232 Serial Port communication
High precision probe for three dimensional fluxgate
Display N, S pole and max min

Technical Specs

1.  Accuracy 

Magnetic field measurement accuracy:           ±0.10% range

Magenetic field measuring range                 0-100000nT

Magenetic field measurement resolution               0.01nT

Temperature Sensor Sensitivity                       ±0.05oC

2. Input Voltage                                                220AC

3. Physical

 Size                                       9.45in×9.05in×3.54in

Weight                                                 920±10g

4. Environmental

Working Temperature                                  -10℃~+60

Storage Temperature                                     -20℃~+65

Electrostatic prevention          Contact discharge voltage 6kV air point voltage 8Kv

Anti Surge                                               L-N 1KV

Protection Grade                                         IP41