Model DX-6D Directional Sensor

Usage: Can be directly used as a “EILog” logging system with a series of short – and even directional adapter.


  1. Digital Signal output
  2. With caliper circuit, control caliper instrument open leg
  3. Compact; Suitable for integration
  4. Temperature compensation to 176.7°C, Achieve high accuracy over the

Technical Specs

1. Performance:

Inclination(DEV ) 0-180°                               <±0.15

Azimuth(AZIM) 0-360°                                   <±1.5

2. Temperature Sensor Sensitivity                               10mv/°K

3. Input Voltage                                             ±12V, +5V

4. Physical:

Size                                        Φ2.68in ×28.74in

Weight                                               4000g

5. Environmental:

Working Temperature                          0℃~+176.7

Storage Temperature                            -60°C ~+180°C

Shock                         50g 10ms; 1000g 0.5ms, half sine

Vibration                                 20g rms (20~2000)Hz