Model ZXC8(A) Mine wireless borehole inclinometer


  1. Suitable for the measurement of the coal mine borehole trajectory under the condition of high gas, high dust and high temperature
  2. Borehole trajectory control of geological exploration hole, gas drainage hole, drainage hole and grouting hole
  3. Alignment accuracy measurement of directional drilling and directional drilling in direct drilling
  4. The accurate measurement of the guide drilling trajectory in the docking tunnel


1. Small size, light weight, easy to carry
2. Synchronous machine using explosion-proof mobile phone, pre installed Android system, App program is easy to use
3. A special support damping device is designed, which can keep the high precision of the measuring probe under the condition of high speed rotation, high impact and high vibration
4. After the end of the hole directly in the borehole to generate two-dimensional trajectory, intuitive and clear, high construction efficiency

Technical Specs

Technical Specifications:

    1. Accuracy:

Inclination -90°—+90°……<±0.1° Azimuth 0°—360°……<±1.0° Tool face angle 0°—360°……<±1.0°

    1. Input Voltage……7.4V Battery powered
    1. Equipment Specs: